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The Limu Juice Super Limu Uses—LIMU ORIGINAL®

The founder of this site and her family use Limu Original and we order it on a regular basis. We highly recommend it to you. The following is more information about this product—both from it’s supplier, and from us.







‘Seaweed in a Bottle’

by The Limu Company.

33.8 fl oz (1 Liter) Bottle


$ 30.00 per Bottle — Plus Shipping & Taxes (Buy in Packs of Two Bottles)

Product Description

“What is LIMU ORIGINAL®? It’s our seaweed in a bottle, you might say, a superfood comprised of 83% pure Tongan limu moui.

“It’s the only product with a proprietary limu extract.. It’s an all-natural blend of the potent power of limu moui and several botanicals and vitamins that maintain every vital nutrient just as nature intended. It’s a gift to your immune system. It’s no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. It’s a daily supplement offering your body’s core systems a refreshing, satisfying and convenient approach to complete nutrition.”

Packaging—It comes in a sustainable, thick BPA-Free P.E.T. plastic bottle—which is easy to hold and easy to recycle.

Limu Original Page (by The Limu Company)

Limu Orginal FAQ (by The Limu Company)

Limu Original’s Sustainable Packaging FAQ (by The Limu Company)

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Recommended Daily Usage

1—4 ounces twice a day, depending on your personal preference. (One bottle would last you about 4—16 days.)

It’s worth reducing your food budget to allow for its cost—at least while you trial it. The recommended trial period is 90 days.

If you like it and your friends/family end up trying it as well—you may be able to qualify for some free bottles through The Limu Company.

LIMU ORIGINAL® | Click to View Nutritional Flyer

Click to View Nutritional Flyer


Organic reconstituted pure Tongan limu moui liquid extract of the whole sphaerotrichia divaricata seaweed (83%) (flash: frozen & pasteurized), organic papaya puree, organic mango puree, pear juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, sodium benzoate, malic acid,  potassium sorbate, xantham gum.

Contains no: added sugar, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavors. Gluten Free.

To Those Who Are — Vegetarian or Vegan

Super Limu’s Perspective—

Limu moui seaweed (an algae) is actually a group of naturally glued-together microorganisms (small cells)—not a plant. Seaweed does not have: roots, stems, leaves, or flowers. No living thing underwater usually does. If you are trying to avoid animal foods altogether Limu Original is not for you.

However, it should be noted that there is a lot of evidence that the human body actually needs microorganisms—especially in the digestive system—to function effectively. It would probably be impossible to find one human being alive who did not have some amount of healthy bacteria, for example,  inside them or outside (on their skin) them. This is why for thousands of years people have consumed foods like—yeast, yoghurt, cheese, and kombucha.

A microorganism that grants a health benefit is called a probiotic. Limu moui seaweed certainly has more than its fair share of health benefits (as thoroughly described on this website). Although it has been tried and proven to act as an antibiotic—it does that by being a probiotic. Many probiotics destroy harmful: bacteria, fungi and viruses—and this is what limu moui seaweed does too. The limu moui juice extract in Limu Original is not living like most conventional probiotic microorganisms (it has been flash: frozen and pasteurized, to make it shippable). However it’s number of remaining nutrients towers over most other superfoods’ (whether they be raw or refined).

Also, limu moui seaweed photosynthesises using (green) chlorophyll— and is hence biologically considered as a producer in the ocean. Limu moui is not a detritivore (detritus feeder) or decomposer—that lives off of: decaying organisms, the bodies or fragments of dead organisms, or fecal material.

This makes limu moui seaweed better than even the most organic mushrooms that many vegetarians and vegans still eat. Simply, a mushroom was designed to live off of dead organisms—but seaweed was not.

Certainly, “Because it [seaweed] so readily absorbs compounds in the water, the purity of its environment is crucial. It can take in toxins, radioactive residues and heavy metals as easily as it does nutrients. Thankfully, limu moui grows off the shores of Tonga in virgin, unpolluted sea soils at the low-tide mark and creates dense areas of nutrient-rich, uncontaminated underwater vegetation.” (Rita Elkins).

Conversely, if you are a vegetarian or vegan that does allow seaweed in your diet—you will have the added reassurance that you will not be eating shellfish if you drink Limu Original. Most dried and many raw seaweeds have tiny crustacea (shellfish) attached to them that feed and shelter in them. However, Limu Original has a kosher certification (here is its certificate).

To Those Who Are — Organically-Minded,  Raw-Foodist, Kosher-Minded and/or Skeptical About “Superfoods”

Super Limu’s Perspective—

Limu Original contains a mildly: refined and perserved organic Tongan limu moui liquid extract—and has a small amount of non-organic ingredients. It’s not organic Tongan limu moui brown seaweed in it’s: whole, raw, or living form (obviously). If you want that you would need to go to Tonga in the South Pacific yourself—which can be expensive, especially if you live in the U.S.

The reason why this seaweed needs to be mildly refined and preserved, is so that its potent nutrients can be transported overseas and arrive at its destinaton in the best condition possible.

Even if you could source dried limu moui—like you can nori seaweed sheets—you would have to eat inordinate amounts of it to obtain the high concentration of bioactive compounds in the extract. Also, most kinds of dried seaweed do not have kosher certification—like Limu Original has (here is its certificate). This means that you cannot rule out tiny crustacea (shellfish) that feed and shelter in the seaweed being dried along with the seaweed.

Again, a microorganism that grants a health benefit is called a probiotic. Limu moui seaweed certainly has more than its fair share of health benefits (as thoroughly described on this website). Although it has been tried and proven to act as an antibiotic—it does that by being a probiotic. Many probiotics destroy harmful: bacteria, fungi and viruses—and this is what limu moui seaweed does too. The limu moui extract in Limu Original is not living like most conventional probiotic microorganisms (it has been flash: frozen and pasteurized, to make it shippable). However it’s number of remaining nutrients towers over most other superfoods’ (whether they be raw or refined).

Finally, there are a plethora of testimonies online to how Limu Original has extremely benefited the health of many people—with a wide variety of ailments.

Why I Founded Super Limu | by Jane E Lythgoe—A Previous Superfood Skeptic | April 15, 2013

I Was a Superfood Skeptic for Many Years

As many of my friends and family members are aware—I’ve not believed in magic bullet foods, supplements or drugs—for many years. I’ve been very skeptical of any one thing that people have thought has cured them—and have resisted many suggestions to take various things from them, even when I’ve been very sick (on my death bed even). For a few years in my twenties I took a lot of supplements—but I stopped taking them several years ago. They didn’t seem to be helping me much, and I wanted to try whole foods more. (I’m 36 years old now.)

I’ve also tried to avoid medication for chronic conditions—and tried to only take it in acute emergencies.

More relevantly, I’ve always doubted that there’s really such a thing as a superfood. Partly because when I did try supposed “superfoods”—like acai, noni and goji—they basically did nothing for me…except drain my wallet!. Perhaps I didn’t take enough of them. Either way, I’ve never really been inspired to invest much time or money into them.

Instead, I’ve diligently tried to eat a wide range of : organic, whole, raw, and living foods—especially fruits and green leafy vegetables. I’ve liked to think that common organic fruits and vegetables contain enough nutrition—if consumed in sufficient quantities. I’ve also believed that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables work best synergestically. That is, together, in their in their whole—unjuiced and unblended—state. I’ve had to blend and juice to a degree, to get enough calories and nutrients absorbed quickly enough (especially when I’ve been sick)—but a wide range of whole foods has been my ideal. For this reason I’ve tried to eat as much raw food as possible for the last 13 years—and I founded a local organic produce buying club just over a year ago. I guess I’ve had about 50% raw food during these years.

Limu Moui Is a True Superfood—It Really Helps With a Lot of Health Issues

However, this approach has not been cutting it, and from recent research and experience now I do believe in superfoods.

More specifically, I believe that limu moui brown seaweed is a superfood—and that it’s still very powerful even when juiced and preserved.

I quickly learned that limu moui—is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, contains a supernutrient called fucoidan (said as “foocoydan”) (which has had over 1000 studies done on it—many times more than most popular “superfoods”)—and coastal communities have traditionally used brown seaweed for millennia.

Limu moui contains over 77 ‘known’ essential nutrients, including: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glyconutrients, polyphenols, and essential fatty acids.

The supernutrient fucoidan is a complex carbohydrate. It—has the same type of immune-boosting antibodies that are in human mothers’ milk, eliminates harmful cells, regenerates cells, fights against cancer, helps allergies – colds – flu – sore throats – infections – viruses, maintains cholesterol, aids circulation, improves skin and joints, is anti-inflammatory, antioxidizes, detoxifies, manages weight, and does much more.

The over 1000 studies done on fucoidan have all been independent, third party, and unsolicited. This is about six times more studies than those conducted on most individual superfoods, like: acai, noni and goji.

Moreover, Southern Japan has the lowest overall cancer mortality rates in the world. Also, the Tongan island people – near Fiji – in the South Pacific have used limu moui as a nutritional and medicinal staple for over 3000 years. They consider it as the perfect food. Tonga’s unpolluted waters are home to the best limu moui: where it’s sustainably hand-harvested.

From my own living history, I know that the location (Tonga) where the best limu moui grows (and where Limu Original is sourced from—the brand of limu juice my friend in the wheelchair took—and what I have started to take)—is exceptionally pristine and organic. I’ve lived most of my life in the South Pacific. I’m a New Zealand citizen and lived there for 22 years before moving to the U.S.. I know how unpolluted Tonga’s water are.

I also know that Tonga’s traditions are relatively very honest and non hocus-pocus—for an island nation. I believe that they would have used limu moui as food and medicine because they knew it’s God-given healing properties—not just because of superstition. They are a very Christian nation. Many of the islands in that area are. Samoa is near Tonga. Samoa is a very Christian nation too. My brother-in-law is a Samoan. He is a Believer. He also ate various kinds of limu seaweed while he was growing up. There are a lot of Tongan people in New Zealand. I have taught Tongan high school students (I used to be a high school science teacher). I have a good friend from Tonga—who is also a Believer. She also said she ate different kinds of limu, whenever it came in season, with: coconut cream, the squeeze of a lemon, a spring (green) onion, and black pepper or hot chilli to season it. She also taught me how to say “moui” properly—[moh-ooh-eeh].

Moreover, I know that New Zealand has high food quality standards. The raw limu moui seaweed used in Limu Original is sent to New Zealand before it comes to the U.S., to be refined into a liquid and government-inspected. New Zealand is very strict about food quality inspection. They’re also very strict about what kinds of foods go in and out of the country (biosecurity). If you don’t declare an apple at the airport they can fine you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars.

It Cured My Friend of MS—When She Was on Her Death Bed

Limu moui (said as, “leemooh moh-ooh-eeh”) first came to my attention in February 2013, through one of my best friends. She’d been in a wheelchair in late 2012 with MS—after having it, and other serious health issues since 1997. At that point, late last year, she’d almost lost all sensation in her limbs—and her body (including her stomach) had started to shut down. She was in a very desperate situation, and had lost the desire to live. I know how awful that situation is to be in because in mid 2011 I had a similar experience when I almost died of a heart condition.

However, within 48 hours of starting to take limu moui seaweed juice a friend had given her, she regained the sensation in her feet—after not feeling them for seven years. Also, after about two weeks she was able to start to walk again. She didn’t change anything else in her diet or lifestyle—and still even ate KFC from time to time (!).

She is now going from strength to strength, and can easily walk and function almost like a normal person (and has lost over 60 lb of unwanted weight, may I add)—while she continues to take the limu moui juice.

It’s Majorly Helped Many Others

I have also learned that there have been many more people whom limu moui has hugely helped. If you Google “limu testimonials” they will pop up all over the place.

It’s Majorly Helped Me in Many Ways—Like Nothing Else (Natural)

From my own personal experience in taking limu moui, I’ve only been taking it for almost a month but it has transformed my overall health, and life—like nothing else ever has in my life. No kind of food, supplement or drug—and no amount or kind of exercise.

Although I would rather eat limu moui seaweed daily fresh and raw out of the ocean—I cannot afford to live in Tonga right now. Also, I would have to eat exorbitant amounts of limu to get the concentration of nutrients in a limu moui extract.

I started to take the bottled limu juice called Limu Original, on March 19, 2013. I decided to at least do the 90 day recommended trial period.

I had no major health conditions when I started. Although these last few years I’ve not been very well at all (again, in mid 2011 I almost died of a heart condition)—recently I had felt relatively good. However, I still felt under the weather most of the time, struggled through the day—and had various: aches, pains and allergies. I’ve had a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity (allergies to many man made substances) for about six years. Also, when I got stressed I would get numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, and sometimes in other parts of my arms and legs.

So far (for 28 days) I’ve had three ounces per day (on average) (two to eight ounces is recommended). I initially went through a detox phase for about three weeks and felt no difference. I had no limu juice for about the third week because I had run out and did not order enough in time.

However, this week (my fourth week) I’m surprised and thrilled to tell you that I feel amazing. This is the high/buzz/feeling I’ve been seeking with my raw food for the last 13 years. However, I’ve rarely gotten it because of my almost hopeless addiction to cooked foods—and not being able to afford enough raw food to maintain a healthy weight. Unlike most people, my problem has been trying to maintain weight. Now, with the limu, I don’t have to break the bank trying to buy enough raw food to maintain my weight—I can have some cooked food in my diet.

With the limu—I have much more energy, almost no aches and pains, and a general increased sense of well being. I have a spring in my step, I want to dance, I want do cartwheels and I want to do headstands. I feel like going for vigorous walks and runs. Usually I have to force myself to go for a walk. I almost have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it. I’m almost bouncing off the walls. My circulation is better. I have no numbness and tingling in my hands, feet, arms and legs. My skin is smoother and I have improved joint flexibility. My joints don’t hurt any more. Bending over, kneeling, doing housework and carrying the baby is much easier. I have light and nimble hands. Actually, my whole body feels light and nimble. I need less sleep, I’m getting better sleep and I don’t wake up feeling groggy with a headache in the morning. I leap out of bed. Also, my multiple chemical sensitivities seem slightly milder.

The last time I felt this good on a consistent basis was when I was a teenager. I’ve actually been getting tired of telling my husband how good I feel, this week. It makes a pleasant change for him, because usually he hears the opposite. Now he wants to try limu moui—especially the in the energy drink called Limu Energy – Blu Frog (made by the same people who make Limu Orginal [The Limu Company]). There are weight management and digestive cleanse products called Limu Lean that I want him to try too (also by The Limu Company).

Lately, I haven’t been drinking a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies, nor have I been exercising a lot—so this stuff must be powerful.

It’s like my body has been malnourished for so many years—but it’s finally getting the nutrients it needs. It’s getting what it’s been crying out for. It’s as if my whole body has breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that limu moui has given me a new base level of health that can be supplemented by my raw food and exercise—not the other way around!

It’s Helped My Baby

Also, limu moui juice is safe for pregnancy and nursing. I’m nursing my (nine month old) baby on it now. She is happier, healthier and more energetic than ever. Babies can even take it orally—especially if their mothers cannot nurse. It has the same type of immune-boosting antibodies that are in human mothers’ milk. Because of this, some cultures call it, Virgin Mother’s Milk—or—Mother’s Milk from the Sea. The Tongans call it the, Perfect Food. You can actually live off two ounces a day of it, I have heard.


In conclusion, I now plan to take limu moui for as long as I possibly can. Hopefully, for the rest of my life. This is along with a sensible eating plan and regular exercise.

I also hope to try The Limu Company’s other products—Limu Energy (Blu Frog), and Limu Lean.

I do believe superfoods exist—and that limu moui brown seaweed is one of them.

I also believe that it’s a gift our Creator has given us—and that it ought to be shared with as many people as possible.

This is why I started my site

You can find out how to get the limu products my friend and I have used there. 

In conclusion, Limu Original is still one very powerful form of limu moui seaweed. If there was one extract to take along with your raw fruits and vegetables—this would be it.

Where and How is Limu Original Processed?

“The unique limu used in LIMU ORIGINAL is harvested among the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga and is strictly licensed and protected by the Tongan government. The purest form of limu is collected and carefully cleaned in Tonga, then flash-frozen to preserve its freshness. It is then transported to New Zealand, where it is refined into a unique liquid extract in a government-inspected facility, using our proprietary extraction process. The extract is quality tested and transported to the United States, where it is blended with our proprietary formula into LIMU ORIGINAL and bottled for your use.”

What is the Advantage of Flash Pasteurizing Limu Original?

“Our state-of-the-art flash pasteurization process allows us to chill-blend LIMU ORIGINAL, thereby maintaining the highest levels of nutritional integrity. By comparison, most companies use a pasteurization process that heats the product for extended periods of time, which can destroy valuable nutrients.”

Why are Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate in the Product?

“Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate work synergistically to keep LIMU ORIGINAL free of harmful molds and microbes after bottling, and keep our chill-blended product from spoiling. These substances are present in quantities of less than one-tenth of 1% in compliance with food safety regulations. Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid, an FDA-approved polyunsaturated fat that is freely found in nature, in foods such as cranberries. It has been used by food manufacturers for over 80 years to inhibit microbial growth. Potassium sorbate is a potassium salt version of sorbic acid, a polyunsaturated fat used to inhibit mold growth. It has been found to be non-toxic even when taken in large quantities and has been used in foods since the 1850s.”